All prices include tax.


720 yen


Fresh rainbow trout in our fish tank quickly are boiled and then washed in cold water. 

 You can enjoy a crunchy texture with vinegared miso. 

 A different taste, from sashimi!




Karaage is deep-fried rainbow trout.

Our most poplular and famous dish.

 The crispy texture makes you forget that you are eating fish.

 Enjoy with our curry-flavored sauce.


680 yen


Shioyaki is grilled, salted rainbow trout.

 Simple yet delicous.

 We grill the outside crisp and inside plump and fluffy.


680 yen


Sasimi is slices of fresh raw rainbow trout.

 We serve when the umami (savoriness) is at its best.The glossiness shows how savory this rainbow trout dish is.

 Enjoy with special sashimi soy sauce.


1,680 yen

(8 pieces with clear soup )

680 yen (3 pieces)


We used the same savory parts used for our sashimi to make this sushi.

 Enjoy with first-class Koshihikari rice from Niigata.

Assorted Tempura

780 yen


Deep-fried, batterd rainbow trout and seasonal vegetable. 

 Enjoy the crispy crust.



(Tempura and rice with miso soup and pickles)

1,080 yen


Tendon is rice topped with seafood and vegetable tempura.

 Niigata Koshihikari rice and homemade soy-  based sauce make a perfect match for the crisp tempura.


(steamed egg custard)

530 yen


The dashi(broth) carefully drawn from kelp and shave dried bonito, enhances the gentle sweetness of our steamed egg custard.